Tuesday, December 16, 2014

RSS: Women's Studies

Just like you picked a hero when you were a kid, today you will pick a heroine to inspire your inner sissy.

Time: 10 minutes
What you will need: your intelligent sissy self.

You may alternatively choose to undertake Physical Education or Sissy Acceptance.

You can certainly pick any other woman that appeals to you.

Of course you cannot cum. That would be incredibly disrespectful to your female betters.

Early Bird Catches

Wait, I know this one! "...the sissy."

I'm not sure how popular the captions or links or anything else is. I'm not so sure my presets, captions or even roulettes have permeated all that much of the online sissy community anyway.

The lack of any feedback at all is pushing me inexorably closer to just making things for myself and not bothering to go to the effort of putting them on the internet. So if there is something you like or want to see more of just click on the reactions (even for past postings).

Sunday, December 14, 2014

RSS: Oral Aptitude

Your mantra includes aspects of submissiveness and service. One of your greatest accomplishments as a sissy may be sucking a cock - showcasing your passion for both of those aspects of your being at once.

Time: 30 minutes
What you will need: a dildo or dildo equivalent (or a real cock you can suck)

You may alternatively choose to undertake Physical Education or Sissy Acceptance.

If you can practice this without scraping your teeth on the shaft, and while constantly in motion sucking and bobbing and slurping then you may cum. But only as long as you promise to dip your dildo in that cum and suck it clean for another 5 minutes. Don't you fucking dare cum into a tissue or refuse to suck that cock afterwards, sissy.

Depending on how good at cocksucking you become you may make guys cum in mere minutes, but a filthy sissy like you will probably want to serve a line of cocks, so it's best to prepare your whore mouth early.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

RSS: Memories

Many sissies have only a half-defined being due to missing out on precious development of their femininity when they were younger. Today we'll help you overcome that shortcoming.

Time: 1 hour (encompassing a life-time)
What you will need: your inner sissy child

This lesson is mandatory.

Sissies exceptionally proud of their work can email it to me (or post it in acomment) and I may append it to this post for other sissies to learn from.

And don't even think about asking for any sort of permission. Your mind should be flush with all sorts of new memories, and we don't want you to ruin that with something as selfish as your weak masculine side's cravings for pleasure.

Friday, December 12, 2014

RSS: Discovery

Sissies often only embrace their femininity in superficial ways. Wearing make-up and girly clothes without ever daring to delve deeper. Well today you're going to go a bit deeper.

Time: 30 minutes
What you will need: your lovely sissy self.

Sissies may take Sissy Acceptance if they're still not willing to accept their deeper femininity.

Concerned sissies may use lube (even petroleum jelly will work for such a simple act). But either way you are going to go as deep as you can. I know some sissies are already big anal sluts, and for you completing today's lesson should be easy.

Today you can cum, but you will follow my instructions: you will not jerk your clit. You can cum from anal stimulation or rubbing your clit - or even humping. But you will not wrap your hand or fingers around the tip of your clit or stick your clit in any toys. Things go inside of sissies; sissies do not go inside of things.

RSS: Self Discovery

This is, of course, Natalie's site. My time here is only fleeting (and unfortunately - for some of you sissies that are a bit undertrained - shorter than intended).

Time: 15 minutes
What you will need: your improved sissy self

Sissies interested in improving themselves (which should be all of them) should follow my last bit of advice.

I'm sure at some point in the future Natalie will be away for an extended period - I'd be only to happy to improve you sissies further. Only so much can be accomplished in a few days.

You had better keep up on your feminization and embracing your girlhood. Don't fucking throw out any of your feminine things on a whim of guilt or fear of losing your masculinity - it's already gone. You are a sissy. That ever-increasing femininity is part of you and it will always be part of you.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Model Sissy

I've returned with a more hectic schedule than when I left, but I'll try to keep updates consistent (but no promises!). Apparently while I was gone the roulettes exploded in popularity.

A great thanks to Regina for assisting me - how could I hold her time mix-up against her if she's doing work pro bono. Much love for you, Regina (and also for the blossoming audience - in more ways than one).

Dude Eats Like a Lady (Assignment)

We've gone over exercise with a previous running assignment (hopefully you've taken up some sort of aerobic activity on a regular basis), but the obverse side of the fitness coin is diet.

Rather than try to influence the variety of things you could eat we'll focus on something more immediately controllable and measurable. Women take smaller bites than men (and so should sissies!). This leads to eating slower, which leads to recognizing that you're full before you overeat.

Actual food content is important too, but in this simple assignment you will do a simple task: eat daintily like a lady for a whole day. Only fill the tip of your fork and spoon with food - not the whole thing. Never have a mouthful of anything. Sips and nibbles for the whole day!

Have the complete and utter comportment of a lady when you eat. No elbows on the table, no chewing with your mouth open and all the other perfect manners you would expect from a well-behaved lady.

And since there just aren't many pictures of sissies eating, I'll leave you ladies with this picture of the figure you could work towards, instead:

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Letter Off

Sissy names are a bit strange, since they come about in interesting ways. Many horny sissies take names from strippers and porn stars (I feel Candy falls into this group). Others take a female name that they like the sound of. And others take or are given a name that's a close analogue to their old male name.

So today we've got lucky Andrea, who only needs to change one single letter.


Most sissies are more attracted to women than to men. But this doesn't mean many sissies don't have fantasies about sucking cock or taking dick in every hole they have - they just find women as a whole attractive.

But you'll never be able to proove to everyone that you're not a cock-crazed sissy slut. Besides - in addition to other things - you're probably one anyway. Right, sissy?

Monday, December 8, 2014

Slipped On, Slipped Out

Regina is coming, but in the meantime more from me (which might help you fulfill her mandate).

This would be the first instance of a magic-oriented caption on the blog. The girly aura of an enthusiastic sissy is also pretty magical, but not quite as fanciful.

I wonder if that's a fair price? I think I'd take it.

Conversion (Poster)

The other side of this is sissies that throw out all their girly things when a moment of doubt washes over them. It's wasteful and you'll regret it - don't do it!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Is it Russian?

Milovana is a site that specializes in all sorts of sexual fetishes - complete with a (not-yet-so-complete) sex encyclopedia. But the highlight for sissies is probably the webteases. Webteases can be anything from a story with pictures to an assignment to an interactive adventure. There's also a decent variety.

If you like cocksucking training there's Cock Sucking Crashcourse, Becoming a Cocksucker (with parts 2, 3, 4 (4b), and 5). If you're coming from NewFapChan you're probably already aware of Shemale Taskmaster. More general sissies my look fondly upon Ariel and how she says You are a Sissy (and part 2 and part 3).

Cuckolds can even embrace a long-running tease starting with Becoming Hers (and parts 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6). A Sissy's Dream Come True is probably just what it says on the tin for most of you.

If you love 2nd person stories and assignments you'll love it.

And I wouldn't feel right leaving you without something beautiful to admire and aspire to, so here is Fabiane Spears.

No Longer a Man

I had a slight scheduling mix-up with Natalie, so I'll post the first day of schooling today after this fittingly-titled post she had left. For all of you good little sissies who kept up with your cum dumpsters despite the delay I am so very proud of you!

I'm usually not a fan of chastity cages and cuckolding, but for some reason I love the look of this caged clitty between too stockinged legs. An obvious (and beautiful) sissy if one ever existed.

Speaking of cages, tomorrow Regina takes over for a few days. I'm almost certain she'd put every sissy in a cage if she met them in person.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Regina's Sissy School: RSS Orientation

And here you are my sissies!

You may be a bit lost at first, but that's why we have orientation for you.

Time: 5 minutes
What you will need: your pretty sissy self.

This lesson is orientation and is therefore mandatory.

The sissy mantra will cycle through your mind. Memorize it, cherish it, embody it.

RSS: Sissy Acceptance 101

Hopefully you've embraced your mantra. Today we're going to help you accept that you really are a complete sissy.

Time: 10-40 minutes
What you will need: your sweet sissy self.

This lesson is mandatory.

All those pretensions that you are really a boy will be gone by the time I am finished with you, sissy.

Friday, December 5, 2014

RSS: Exotic Culture

Today you will make use of your cum dumpster. And you have a choice - what a beautiful day to be a sissy.

Time: 20 minutes
What you will need: your delectable sissy self.

This lesson is mandatory. I'm already giving you a choice, which is more than many sissies deserve.

If for some reason you don't have your cum dumpster you are going to spank yourself hard until you cannot sit. And then are going to sit and write out by hand "I am a sissy. I am sorry I lost my cum dumpster." You will write it 100 times in your best handwriting, numbering each one. If you are truly sorry you will also write out a heartfelt apology and send it.

Option 2

If I had my way I would force you sissies to gulp that cum down. I know how much sissies love being cum-guzzling seed receptacles. But Natalie asked me to be a bit lenient, so now you have a choice. Drink that cum or wear that cum.

RSS: Gymnastics

Gymnastics has also become a popular feminine sport in the last few years. Your acrobatics will be a bit different though.

Time: 15 minutes
What you will need: your limber sissy self

Sissies not interested in Gymnastics may retake Sissy Acceptance 101.

Why did I make you wait a painful 3 days, sissy? Because your dwindling, pathetic male body will produce the largest load of cum for you after 3 days. Any more and the amount you get will stay the same.

You can only wank for 3 minutes, sissy. Not a fucking second more. Use a countdown timer if you have to. Of course, if you failed to cum it is your own fault. If you deserved to cum you would easily be able to get your clit hard after all that.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

RSS: Culinary Arts

Cooking has been a stereotypical activity for women for years. Today you're going to enter into that foray with a twist. You're going to learn how to make fake cum that looks realistic with two simple ingredients.

Time: 15 minutes
What you will need: flour, water, a saucepan, a stove top

Sissies not interested in culinary arts may retake any of the previous lessons.

Good girls will notice that the flavor is not right. Every load of cum tastes a little different, but you may try to correct this with a few drops of lemmon juice or other flavoring, but nothing will really compete with the real thing.

I would expect sissies who lost or misused their cum dumpsters to jump at this opportunity to partially make up for their misdeeds.

If a sissy gives herself a bukkake and photographs herself she may cum before she cleans up. As a special permission, sissies that also email a picture to their mistress may cum again. Otherwise you have not done enough to warrant such a reward, sissy; do not even fucking touch your clit.

RSS: Physical Education

Hopefully you're getting more in-tune with your sissy self. Today we're going to improve your form and sissy harmony.

Time: 20-30 minutes
What you will need: a bra; panties; balloons (or durable breast forms).

If you do not have these materials you must retake Sissy Acceptance 101; otherwise this lesson is mandatory.

For you sissies unfamiliar with a star jump: it is a Jumping Jack.

You should be honored to be able to mimic moving like a woman a bit more closely. Many women also enjoy running, calisthenics and other aerobic activities; I'd hope to get you into swimming in a bikini by the end of classes, but unfortunately the training period is far too short to directly include such a lesson.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bending and Breaking

Press a sissy long enough and she'll give in...

Also thanks to the sissies who submitted nail polish pictures!

Even though I forgot to throw up a new June picture in the Sissy Schedule (hey, it's barely June-like weather over here!), everything should be better now.

Epiphany (Poster)

This is probably my favorite poster just because her expression is sooo perfect.

If I can find a decent way to host it expect something big tomorrow or the next day.

Monday, December 1, 2014

ABCs of Sissification (Preset)

And now a treat - especially if you've never heard of SubViewer. SubViewer is a program that takes a series of images (and potentially an audio file) and displays them in quick succession (like the hypnotic flash images available from Hypnotic Wishes).

So here is my SubViewer preset The ABCs of Sissification.

There are a few subviewer groups in the Yahoo Groups section. You could download SubViewer through SubViewer 1 (but it will require a yahoo login). Or you can grab it from my docs page here.

And of course if you're epilectic or get nauseaous watching fast moving images you'll want to avoid using SubViewer. You'll have to train yourself to be an awesome sissy some other way (like with fap roulettes or audio hypnosis!).

Sissy Training Roulette 1

I thought it only fitting to begin with the image that convinced me to create this blog in the first place.

(First posted on NewFapChan)

For the uninitiated this is a "fap roulette." A fap roulette is basically a set of instructions for masturbation (i.e. fapping) organized according to assigned numbers. This number can be from a random number generator or - the origin of fap roulettes - a chan board's post number.

For example:
If your post number were 30012203927 (or your random number generator created 3927), your W = 3, X = 9, Y = 2 and Z = 7. Or more detailed.

  • W3 - Always sit to pee. Make sure you wipe your clitty!
  • X9 - Power of 3! Do (3) [that is wear a bra that matches your panties as well as a skirt, heels and pantyhose], (6) [wearing the sluttiest makeup you can manage] and a consecutive Y minutes [Y in this example is 2, so 2 minutes] of tucking your clitty before you can move on to Y.
  • Y2 - Small fuck. 1 finger in ass while you fap.
  • Z7 - Cum in your panties and sleep in them.

Early fap roulettes focused on the porn you were to watch and what you did before and during fapping. Soon "cum lover" fap roulettes appeared, describing what you should do with your cum. Crossdressing, BSDM, and other roulette types soon appeared. And that's how we got here.

Of course, if you don't have a RNG or a chan board handy there's always online generators like random.org. Or you could flip 14 quarters and learn binary.

Let me know how you roll and how your W works out! Or your XYZ if you're feeling adventurous.

Since so many sissies (aspiring and full-fledged) seem to stop by this roulette: there's other great fap and sissification materials spread throughout the site, but if you ended up here you'd probably like the second Sissy Training Roulette.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Guidance (Poster)

The first of my inspirational posters for sissies - Guidance!

Sick of those lame motivational posters always plastered around workplaces? Well try something a bit more fitting. Inspiration was actually drawn from Steffi Marie Chen (whose forced femme caption blog has been taken down, but her motivational poster pictures are still available at Sissy Kiss in batches one and two).

I feel I need an obligatory "Poster? I barely knew her!" groaner for the crowd.

Just Admit

Probably fitting for anyone who has ventured over here...

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Sun, Swimming and Sissy (Assignment)

It's summer, sissy! (At least for the northern hemisphere, where most sissies are—sorry southern sissies). You know what that means? Going outside to enjoy the nice, warm sun. Showing a bit of skin with tight, short clothing. And outdoor swimming to tone up your butt, keep you sleek and show off your feminine curves. What's the point of shaving your legs, painting your toenails and toning your body if you're not going to show it off, sissy?

Let me stop you right now and tell you that this assignment is best done on a warm (75 °F/25 °C), sunny day. If you're an unfortunate sissy living in a rainy, overcast-laden locale, wait for a good day before reading and doing this assignment. But if you're a lucky sissy blessed with good weather, carry on!

Now, you might have worn a women's swimming suit before or you might not have one yet. Today it won't matter.

I've espoused my love of the one-piece before (sure you can show off more of your body with a bikini, but there's nothing that screams "I am girly" like a form-fitting one-piece you can't escape or hide like a bikini bottom.

Your assignment today is very simple, sissy: Go play in the water like a girl. First, don your girly swimming suit. One-piece, two-piece (even an amazing three-piece where the bikini bottom ties together!), the specific suit isn't that important. Now get in the water. Done.

(Needless to say, sissy. You shouldn't be cleaning off any nail polish or makeup you might be wearing.)

If you're one of those sissies in denial that hasn't come to terms with the fact she shouldn't be buying men's clothing and all you have is gruff, ugly male swimming trunks, you will have to "make" your own swimming suit. Grab a permanent marker and draw the outline of the suit you are supposed to be wearing. That's right sissy - the line under your breasts, the fabric patch covering your nipples, the straps to hold it in place, the strings of your bikini bottom. You will draw your suit on everywhere you can reach. Finally, as punishment for not accepting your true nature, you'll also write "I am a sissy" on your tummy in big, legible letters. That way, when you buy your one-piece to cover the writing, you can go out and no one will know what a bad girl you've been.

Backyard pool, busy beach, secluded watering hole. The location doesn't matter, as long as you're wet from head to toe. Feel the added weight of the water soaked into your suit. Cherish the gentle caress of your sopping wet suit clinging to you in all the right girly places.

Of course, for more house-bound sissies (or sissies living in deserts), it can be a bit difficult to find a bathing spot. In that case, you can use your bathtub. Fill it up, splash around, and enjoy yourself. Then quickly pull on your (white!) overshirt and shorts if necessary, throw on your sandals and head out to check the mail or walk around the block. No dillydallying, sissy—you'd better me wet in all the right ways when you get outside!

Now that you've taken your first dip into the summer, it may be time for a bit of tanning. Or just lounge around and enjoy your girly attire until it's dry and then put it away for next time. Time to start enjoying the summer, sissy!

New Sissy

Sometimes sisters are the best.

(Fun etymology note: "sissy" originally came from a diminutive form of sister)

Next fap roulette is almost done, but we'll see if it looks as nice as the first one with an altered design.

Online Sissy Quizzes

Find out what sort of sissy you are. There's a wide variety to aspire to! Do you just want to be a pretty princess at home, dressing to express your femininity and innocence? Do you aspire to become a beautiful girl in both thought and body, improving yourself for yourself? Do you dream of being submissive and serving, sucking cock and drinking creamy cum? Do you see yourself as a feminized tool of others, a toy for the amusement of your betters? Or even something else!?

Or maybe you're a bit of an indecisive sissy, switching from one role to the next. That's okay too - as long as you're the girl you deserve to be. Here are a few quizzes that might help you decide.

Sissy Quizzes

Enlighten your inner sissy. Just what is your girly purpose? Of course, if you just like expressing your feminine side you might be best off with a few fashion quizzes or femininity quizzes.

What kind of sissy are you?

Decent variations in questions (at least in relation to sissydom), but the results are somewhat limited. I am a pantyslut.

Are you a Sissy Slut?

Exotic and arousing. Find out if you feel at home dressed up or going down, basically. Unfortunately it's not automated, but some of the best sissy quizzes aren't. I've got about 41.

Your Feminization Quotient

A fairly old standby for finding out how far you've gone as a sissy. I am at a lowly 49. Scoring is available on the general test page.

Fellatio Fanatic Test

Fairly in-depth with a variety of questions. OKCupid/Hello Quizzy used to have an excellent 'cocksucking slut test,' but unfortunately it disappeared.

Gender/Sex Quizzes

Looking for something a bit more mundane? Is your personality womanly without necessarily being too sissified? These quizzes honestly attempt to determine what sex you are.

The Spark Gender Quiz
(unfortunately requires a login)

Bases its analysis on pattern recognition, gender roles, perceptions, consensus and some other factors. I remember taking it years ago and getting a "0% certain you are a woman." Now I get a "24% certain you are a woman." I recommend answering honestly and seeing what you get.

BBC's Sex ID Quiz

Uses an assortment of biology and psychology to determine if your brain exhibits more masculine or feminine thought patterns. Fittingly, I guess, I ended up right in the middle with a 0. Apparently I've very good at rotating 3D shapes in my head though, so bonus!).

Should you be male or female?

Asks questions that aren't very stereotypical to guess at your sex. I am apparently either male or female.

The famed COGIATI

The COGIATI was developed as a means of helping inform people if they have transsexual tendencies. It provides an interesting view of your state of mind, but is only applicable for MTF transsexualism. I get a 65, which puts me in the middle androgynous category leaning towards feminity (Well, I did say I was a sissy and a tomboy!). But don't take the results too seriously, the test is only a "prototype" and not an accepted psychological profiling exam. There's also the longer (and attempting to be more psychologically applicable) SAGE.

Feel free to share any quizzes you really like. Like if you are a slut or even a cumslut.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Sissy Training Roulette 2

As promised, here is another fap roulette. Hopefully the heavier focus on feminization and the design change is an improvement for most people.

(Check the first fap roulette posting if you need more information on how they work)

If you are unfamiliar with dubs, trips and quads: these are when the last numbers of your post/roll are the same (2 of the same, 3 of the same, and 4 of the same, respectively). E.g. if your post number is 102945999 then you have trips - 999.

For Easy Mode: Instead of having a W and X, if Z is even do your W for a week, if Z is odd do your X for a week.

Happy rolling, sissies! Just make sure you follow through...

Accession (Poster)

Accession is a great word because it can mean admittance, addition and acceptance.

You could give accession to your sissification and admit that you are trying to be the best sissy you can be. You could accept the accession of your femininity physically (for example: breasts) and spiritually (a female voice for your conscience).With enough labor and perseverance you might even be an accession to womankind - an addition to the fairer sex.

I guess if your sissy personality is as a librarian or lawyer you could also be using it to refer to expanding your collection of materials.

Do something for the female you today!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Regular Fap Roulette

So it was my birthday and I figured I'd follow the German tradition of giving out small gifts to colleagues. Of course, this isn't very sissy related (unless you roll just right). So I'll get something more sissy-appropriate to post today for you girls, too.

Since 4chan seems to be overflowing with fap roulettes that claim to be the "ultimate" fap roulette, but really only have 1 or 2 similar options. I decided to make one a bit more versatile.

Now it's actually a gamble for what you'll end up with.

Do you remember your inner girl's birthday? Maybe it's time you did; she deserves a special something, too!

Communication is Key

Communication is important in relationships. Although depending on what you really want not speaking may be just as important as speaking.

Also yesterday was the blog's first day with over 100 viewers, so welcome and thanks to all the sissies coming to visit (and anyone else, too!). Seeing someone get here with the search "natalienne sissy" is birthday present enough for me!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Anna is Ready for Training

I am pleased to see new followers. Particularly Annamalice, whose sissy self-hypnosis blog has sat on my Chrome dashboard favorites for months. Unfortunately her blog seems to be fast approaching its final posts.

Grazie mille per tua dedizione, Anna!

The name used in this short hypnosis/mind-control comic is only coincidental (it has been sitting on my hard drive for months), but I dedicate it to you regardless.

I can't promise consistent updates, but thanks for keeping tabs (I'll do what I can)!

Sleeping Beauty Surprise

More captions! I am working on another fap roulette, but we'll see when it's done.

This is the first thing I've specifically created for this blog, so enjoy! Note: I do not condone illegally feeding hormone replacement drugs to other people (...much).

Also, not to be a comment whore (maybe a different kind of whore...), but feel free to leave a reaction or a comment. Be as critical or demanding as you like; it encourages me not to hoard my creations and will probably improve the quality of material here. Plus you'll be more likely to get topics you enjoy - you dirty slut.

Of course, if you're just here to fap try not to waste a drop :D

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Optimism (Poster)

A positive outlook couldn't hurt.

Decision Time!

What would you choose?

Swallow or splash all over your face? Or maybe you're a bit embarrassed and it might be time to try to run away (how well can you run in heels, sissy? :D )...

I felt like we hadn't had enough beautiful nude bodies and beautiful cocks. I'll have to remedy this in the next few days. This is also the first caption in the 2nd person ("you" do stuff); I know they're not everyone's load of cum (to coin a euphemism), but I enjoy them and I hope you do to!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Another Party

The Halloween caption is a classic (maybe even a cliché), but what more can you expect from the only day of the year when any sissy can go out without any societal repercussions?

Maybe it's time to pick another random day where you'll dress to express your inner girl without worrying about what others think? I know of somewhere that recommends January 30th (I guess only the lucky Australian sissies will get the good summer dresses, then).

Eyes on Unibrow

Eyes define a face. Large eyes sparkle with femininity, while squinting, sunken eyes menace with masculinity. So it's no surprise that a majority of make-up targets the eyes. Eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, lash extensions...

But the eyebrows are often overlooked - dressed up with an eyebrow pencil and forgotten. You can sculpt your eyebrows into a beautiful feminine arch by waxing or tweezing undesirable hairs away (although they will grow back).

Even bushy eyebrows can be tantalizingly feminine if you shape them right. So here you go, an excellent guide to plucking some of those unnecessary hairs away.

Sissy Station had a fitting assignment, but it seems to go down more often than a cock-crazed sissy. Don't worry, you don't need to pluck everything all at once and risk having coworkers notice your emerging beauty.

So here's an assignment: for the next month pluck 3 - and only 3 - eyebrow hairs each day until you have shaped your eyebrows perfectly (start from the bottom, not the top). That way the change will slowly evolve over weeks. People you see and meet with regularly won't notice anything - although people you see randomly in the street might spot your beautiful feminine eyebrows.

You could end up with shapely, pretty eyebrows just like Sarina!

(...You are looking at her eyebrows right, sissy?)

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Anguish (Poster)

In some cases not being caged could be worse than being caged - if a sissy is obedient and trustworthy like a good girl.

She could, of course, cum without using her hands.


Hypnotism can be a great means of unlocking your inner girl's potential...or just an immersive form of erotica.

We've already covered subviewer, but there are many other types of hypnosis-related stuff. I've also mentioned Anna Malice's Sissy Self Hypnosis - which has daily sissy hypnosis videos from various places on the web (as well as regular porn and fetish videos).

Warp My Mind has an extensive collection of hypnosis files - along with inductions and other hypnosis-related things. The file browser has categories that cover a variety of stuff, but since you're at Natalienne's Sissy Spot I would guess the Feminization files would be the most appealing. The site requires registration, but with that registration you can download all the free files you want.

I'll recommend the Little Miss Squidgy or one of its continuations. Can you pass her test, sissy?

If you'd like something with a more human voice (although the text-to-speech in the LMS files is intentional and doesn't sound too bad) I would recommend Elena McIvor's cock conversion mantra to go with the actual file (hidden away on a different site).

Allison In Love doesn't seem to be active any more, but her files (which are less sexual in nature) are also available.

Friday, November 21, 2014

A Flowering Girl

Being a girl is - naturally - rarely about sex.

Of course, most sissies miss out on a glorious girlish childhood (unless they managed to occasionally squeeze into a sister's adventures). So take a moment to imagine how excited you would have been to have a guy pick you up to go to prom; the fun and joy of a sleep over; or the beauty and spectacle of being a bridesmaid for your friend or cousin.

Practicing Alone (Assignment)

There are sites with sissy assignments hidden all over the internet. Sissy Station is probably the most prominent, but there are an awful lot of forums where you can request simple assignments.

But today I have just one simple one for you (if your girly personality is old enough). Get a shot glass and follow the instructions in this video (or download it from here). Follow them to the letter.

If you don't know what ruining an orgasm is: if you stop jerking or rubbing your clitty an instant before you cum you'll still cum, but it will just sort of flow out and you're usually still horny.

The Sissy Spot has had its 1,000 visitor yesterday. Thanks for visiting, sissies!

(I think that puts our comment/reaction-to-visitor ratio at about 1:1000 :D)